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Winnipeg Market Report - Winnipeg MLS ListingKnowing what your local market is doing is as important as maintaining your home and is also why a Winnipeg market report is essential. The last thing you want to do is over-improve your home for the area and not be able to recoup your investment when it is time to sell. Compare the current listings, recent sold and which ones weren’t successful in achieving a sale recently. Learn from their mistakes and position your home to reap the benefits of an informed home owner with a Winnipeg market report.

Real Estate stats can be used for multitude of things, for keeping yourself informed on your area and city to looking for investment opportunities. It is also a good indicator on consumer confidence and the economic status of the City of Winnipeg.

Recent historical date:

  • 5 year average of approx. 8000 sales per year
  • 5 year median price increase of $30,000
  • May is the busiest month for sales

What impacts the housing market?

One of the foremost housing market impacts are typically brought down by the mortgage regulators, any tightening of regulations and interest rate changes are leading the way. The other in the recent past has been the new Condominium Act which now requires a reserve fund to be completed on all buildings.

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What impacts the housing market continued...

The reserve fund studies will inadvertently impact the condo market, some buildings will have special levies applied to them for the purpose of bringing the reserve fund to it's new required level and others will increase condo fees to achieve the same. The recent election and changes in the USA will have a lesser impact but it still weighs in on our economy which definitely has real estate as a big aspect. If the Canadian Dollar keeps going down compared to the American counterpart, you can expect the consumer confidence to diminish and in turn see a decrease the price levels of units available for sale. Not all is negative, Bank of Canada has maintained a relatively low benchmark with their interest rates and our unemployment rates in Manitoba has been very low compared to other places across the world. So keep your credit score clean and make wise financial decision to ensure you are ready to make a move when the time is right.

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