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We worked with Sasha to purchase a new home to be constructed by Gino’s. He was extremely accommodating and understanding of our needs, and worked very hard to provide value to us, as the buyers. At the same time, he maintained the interests of the seller with a very high level of integrity. - Janice & Marshall S.

Building your dream home is now a reality.

Have you always thought that building a dream home might be out of reach or too difficult to navigate and execute? It doesn’t have to be. With my experience in the industry and having built relations with numerous builders and satisfying new home sales in Winnipeg, that dream home is closer to reality than you might think.

For a no obligation consultation on any new home purchase and build, please get in touch.

Things to consider about new home sales in Winnipeg before you build:

  • Development and lot options
  • Builder
  • Budget for build
  • Budget for extras
  • Time

City of Winnipeg Impact Fee/Growth Tax

The 2016/2017 leadership at the City of Winnipeg implemented a new additional cost to anyone building a new home in the City of Winnipeg. This fee/tax took effect May 1st, 2017 at a rate of $5.08 per square foot of home built.

An impact fee is one of several tools a city can use to fund the costs of a growing city. An impact fee can help ensure that growth does pay for growth. It recognizes that new or expanded infrastructure is required to accommodate growth throughout Winnipeg and imposes some of the costs of this infrastructure on the properties that benefit from the new or expanded infrastructure.

Developments and Lot Options/Selection

If you are considering building a new home, deciding on which development and area of the city best fits your lifestyle is the first decision which needs to be made since all the subsequent choices depend on it. Each development has a set of architectural guidelines which outline your requirements on type of home, size of home, restrictions on secondary structures, fence designs, front elevations and exterior colour selections. 

At the same time, a development at the onset of Phase 1 will have the most options available while having to deal with the most post possession construction in the area. Lot selection in developments towards the end of it's size may mean that the lots available will be sparse and not as desirable.  The location of your development of choice also carries different lot values, these are typically reflective of the area of the city they are located in and the developments focus on design. 

You see, deciding on a development sets out a path which sets up some parameters for your entire build. Choose wisely. For help on deciding on a development, I am always happy to sit and chat about them.

Choosing a Builder

There are a lot of builders out there, but which one will meet your needs the best? Since you have decided on the development, this narrows the pool of options down as each development have a set list of builders to the most part. While there are situations where you have freedom to pick any builder this doesn't happen too often.

When deciding on a builder, often times your budget will determine the group of builders and thus narrow down your selection even further. Building custom or choosing a builder with a set of building plans! Now that you are presented with the option of 6-10 builders in most scenarios it is important to see the builders show home, spec home or any home under construction and be in line with your quality expectations. At this time you will also be checking the credentials of such builder and ensuring they are a member of a professional association or  organization. 

The next step of selecting your builder is by asking around for anyone who has any feedback on the builder, if they have built with them prior or know of someone who has. What has their experience been like? What comments or concerns did they have? Keep in mind there is no such thing as a perfect build. Each project offers their own set of challenges and obstacles which you hope to be able to maneuver with your builder for a best possible result. 

Do your research, ask questions and invest the time as it is one of if not the largest investment in your life to date. To get my professional opinion and inside scoop on builders come see me for a chat. 

Budget for Your Project

We touched a bit on budgets in the topic above, but your budget often times will determine in which direction you are leaning towards when it comes to picking a custom built home versus a plan selection process. While custom home builder area able to offer builds to smaller budgets, it typically cannot reach the economical options offered by a builder from a different tier group. 

Most first time home building experiences tend to forget about the expenses post possession. A typical build will not include appliance packages, decks, landscaping, draperies, and basement developments. These costs can be quiet high and often are not taken into consideration when you sign the contract to build your home. A good rule of thumb is to account 10% of your build cost for those extras, while in some cases they can be included. 

Having an experienced new home sales representative on your side could save you thousands by making the right decisions ahead of time. 


Quality. Budget. Time. 

Pick two out of three. A new home can be of good quality and be done in a timely manner but it will need an accordingly respectable budget. You can build it for a lower budget and quicker timeline, but the quality will not be up to par. You see, this applies to new homes like anywhere else. Having a realistic goal and the right guidance will ensure you do not get caught up in a disappointment.

There is a market for all tiers of builders and its the beauty of a free marketplace. If you are in a hurry to get a home built, take possession quick and have a tight budget, there is a solution for it. Same applies if you are on the opposite spectrum and everything in between. 

A new home can be built in less than six months, you may not be able to access the property during such time and all selections are made in a afternoon's time. 

To build a quality product takes time, ensuring there are checks and double checks at each stage. Allowing for the purchaser to access the property and view the various stages of construction for both peace of mind and another check of the work which was agreed upon. These projects can typically take anywhere from eight months and up to complete and in some cases can be as long as 18 months depending on the size, complexity and features/detail in the build. 


Spending a few hours discussing these options and finding the right fit makes all the difference in the long run. Take the time and avoid the mistakes others have made. Call to set up a free no obligation new home consultation with me today.

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